I have spent 15+ years working in top advertising agencies in both Amsterdam and London. In my time I’ve worked with LBi, AKQA, Wwav Rapp Collins and Publicis Dialog, I moved over to Amsterdam to work at Strawberryfrog, and then freelanced for a couple of years in various agencies and clients, including Tribal and Being There. I worked in social buzz agency Jam @ Engine (now called Deep Focus), working with Jam and WCRS in London. Back in Amsterdam, I’ve most recently worked with IKEA, Adidas, Bugaboo Luggage and a contemporary luxury stone brand. I specialise in digital and integrated campaigns alongside a wide range of creative copy needs, including positioning work, updating and relaunching brands in all channels…

ION-Sei Ionic Toothbrush

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It was important to create an appealing brand positioning, and a look, feel and tone-of-voice that stands out in what is usually a technical and cold arena. This is a Japanese innovation in brushing technology coming to the western market.


We created a stand-out brand from the very beginning, workshopping names and strategies then bringing the new positioning with look and feel to life. Working with logo and type specialists Or Type, we developed a futuristic yet natural look, logo, and initial communications including a fair booth and short intro film. From the brand positioning of pure joy, to the creative idea of ‘ionic superpowers’, we could marry technical innovation with an enjoyment of life, that perfectly suits its health-conscious women audience focus. Launching first in Germany and the UK.


We researched the audience using our own network, creating a small targeted strategy for reaching the right calibre of women in UK, Netherlands and Germany. From this we concepted creative positioning, a fair stand at the product launch in the Berlin IFA last year, and took their messaging into social media and website channels for launch.

Client: ION-Sei through Spindler Unlimited

Adidas copy & concept

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  • Not made for normal


Come up with a year-long concept that utilised top athletes, and positioned CLIMA as a facilitator to continue training and ‘getting out there’ even in extreme weather conditions from HOT (climachill) to freezing COLD (climaheat).



Within the Adidas creative team, I helped re-concept the Adidas brand CLIMA for 2016-7, with an idea that would work across the CLIMA product portfolio for the entire year. We moved from a more functional creative positioning through ‘freaks of nature’ to ‘not made for normal’, which showcased athlete’s bodies as being amazing unique beings, working alongside the technology to push through and therefore able to ‘win’ against extreme weather. This positioning is about the attitude to win against all odds, defying what people think of as normal for bodies, and defying at the same time what people think of as undefeatable weather conditions.


I then explored and defined a female athlete-friendly tone-of-voice that matched the female focus for this year. It was less aggressive than before and used couplets that combined athlete’s voices with the product so the two were entwined. This made it work well across all channels including retail and social media, meaning that the product benefit could directly be portrayed as the athlete’s benefit too. Copy didn’t need to be repurposed for different channels. A win for a product with an influencer and athlete-led approach.



Increased sales and a positive reaction from female athletes using or wearing CLIMA.

SolidNature Rebrand

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Stone brands are more usually treated as a technical buildings and surface material, instead of a beautiful material with a power from nature that can literally come alive.


We rebranded, re-concepted, repositioned, and relaunched their offering, giving them an entirely new brand look and feel, including photographic style. We updated their industry standing with the brand concept ‘Powered by rocks’. Finally, we are helping them activate the work through our influencer network.


The website launched, social media channels grew organically, and sales are starting to come in. All from the right level of tastemaker as befits a contemporary luxury brand. We are also working with up-and-coming multidisciplinary artist Germans Ermics on an exciting industry innovation.


Featured rock: Metis Amare (Traonyx), Magnolia Breeze (Onyx), Bronze Strata Onyx

Photography: Otto Kaan, Lonneke van der Palen

Client: Spindler Unlimited for SolidNature

Sky: The Face

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Sky wanted to promote their new show ‘The Face’ with models Naomi Campbell, Erin and Caroline using a social stunt (for buzz) outside London Fashion Week 2013.


To harness fashion blogger and influencers’ ‘Faces’ outside the show, plus kick off social media by getting them to  support their favourite model. The one who showed the most support becomes ‘The Face’ on a poster at Westfield Shopping Mall and features in a short film.


A photographer was sent along with branded frames, and each blogger’s face captured, alongside their twitter handle, then tweeted for them to retweet. They were also given a retro branded polaroid. 95% of those photographed joined in the campaign, while the winning influencer tweeted over 500 times, others also tweeted to join in, with a total reach of 1000s.

Pampers Dads United

  • Dads United, P&G initiative
  • Dads united, P&G initiative
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • Blogger affiliates


Dads are usually the ones left out in the pregnancy process, except for condescending ‘how to’ books. It can be very hard for them to find the information they need.


We created a kind of club, for men by men, that feeds them digestible chunks of information, dependent on the stage their partners are in. This information is served in a humorous way they both like and understand.


Dads United was a website, app and FB/Twitter account that used popular ‘daddy’ bloggers to feed men information when they needed it from those who knew: other men.


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  • Emirates Print Poster2


Emirates moves you forward in more ways than simply physical time and space. It’s a mindset, one that all global explorers share. A kick-ass strategic platform was the basis, coming from the truth that travel is always a time to reflect, recharge and go somewhere new.


The pitch-winning idea was to create whimsical thoughts that spark deeper questions in our travellers. If we can get our audience to put themselves into our executions and ask those questions, they move forward with us.


A brand new direction for Emirates with press, TV, a website and app that relaunched their brand.

Ella’s Kitchen

  • The world
  • The world
  • The world
  • The world
  • The world
View Project Video on Vimeo


Ella’s Kitchen organic food pouches are made from organic ingredients and what they call BIG TASTES, these are tastes to excite and tickle little ones’ tastebuds.


Create a highly PRable Big Taste Test, a scientific experiment where the tastes in pouches are tested, baby by baby, and their visible and physiological reactions are recorded – so we can prove what is exciting for them.


Alongside The Thrill Lab and Mischief PR, a scientific test was put together with a specially designed Thrill-O-Meter. The results were not only very interesting to see, but overwhelmingly proved Ella’s Kitchens ingredients are exciting for babies. This campaign also won a PR campaign of the year in 2013.


  • Orangina inspiration homepage
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  • Orangina poster
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  • Orangina poster
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  • Orangina inspiration app
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Orangina is a little something different, bright and bubbly—it’s inspiration for your day.


Shake your everyday. Aimed at the ‘Instagram’ generation, let people swop their everyday inspirational experiences any moment, any time – mainly through user generated content supported with ABL executions.


Big bold modern imagery, with clever inspiring headlines brought this campaign to life cross media.

Comedy Central

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  • beerbelly
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Meme’s are something that people love and share, if used correctly they can be used to spread a viral campaign by the target market themselves. The ‘Crazy One’s’ show is with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar and is about an ad agency that advertises products in a rather strange way…



Create a set of mini Facebook ads that seem to promote odd and different products. With the hashtag #insanelygenious, watch people like, spread and share the show’s launch.



These ads were very popular with the target audience, with hundreds of likes and shares from just a few small posts in the weeks leading up to the show launch.

NeXxus Haircare System

  • PHASE3_Hub
  • LAUNCH_gallery_v3
  • Nexxus_Blowbar_3


Nexxus is a luxury haircare system that rejuvenates hair from the inside out, and replaces more protein into hair than any other shampoo and conditioner.


“Roots Of Strength”, an online hub aimed at influencer women, that aids them network and grow their business side. A different kind of approach for a beauty product.


Portraits of strength kick off the idea, a networking event where influencers from each city are invited. A blowdry bar helps demo the products, and afterwards a film is created of these inspiring women’s stories. The online hub launches afterwards with exclusive and invite-only access.

Senior copywriter for the concept – aimed at high achieving women, the brand encourages and aids networking amongst influencers with an online connection hub, using ‘Women of Strength’ Ambassadors to kick it all off 

Sandwich (Fashion) Brand

  • Sandwich Fashion Brandbook
    Lifelayers Brandbook 2
  • Sandwich Collateral_1
  • Sandwich Window
  • Sandwich Magazine
  • JULY_02[1]
  • Loyalty Campaign2
  • Loyalty Campaign


I worked with a Dutch fashion group called ‘Veldhovengroup’ to help them rebrand and strategically position a few of their brands, Sandwich was the main one. From writing a brand book in the style of a novel, to helping put together the presentation that introduced it to the rest of the company, to taking that style through all marketing collateral, the job was interesting and involved.

NONO Fashion (Brand)

  • NONO fashion Brandbook
    NONO Brandbook
  • NONO Brandbook4
  • NONO fashion Brandbook Inside
    Inside NONO fashion Brandbook
  • NONO Spring Campaign
  • Nono_website2012_1.0_HOMEPAGE country selector
  • NONOquiz
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I worked with Veldhovengroup on NONO too, a brand aimed at girls 7-13. The approach was to look at the wide range of clothes and split it into characters that these girls could relate to. Each character was then fleshed out with an exciting story, and taken across their collateral, from email, website, to in-store communications and promos. Planetary girl, Voyager girl, Gold girl, Icon girl and Dreamer girl were brought to life by Elza Jo van Reenen, an up and coming illustrator and video artist. This work was a runner up in the ‘Campaign’ Daredevil awards.

Stills Fashion Brand and Campaign

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  • Stills Luxury Mailout_1
  • Stills Store Projection_1
  • Stills Email_1


Stills was a Nu-Luxury brand of the Veldhovengroup’s portfolio. The task here was to help take the positioning of ‘Beauty arises in the stillness of her presence’ forward. Writing work included luxury mail packages, website, email, press releases and presentations, as well as in-store work. Work we did on this brand helped get it into Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, of which we were very proud.

whowhatwhereis.com Founder

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  • Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 10.39.48
  • Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 12.05.08
  • Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 17.39.39

In 2013 I launched an events website and community aimed at expats. It’s a hub and platform for visionary events, which are hard to find when you’re new to Amsterdam. It’s a members site which is slowly growing, and is now focusing on helping these event promoters reach our audience with events such as Morning Gloryville Amsterdam.

Flowers.co.uk brand & Fetch brand copy

  • Brand Box Flowers
  • Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 22.26.33


Flowers.co.uk was a new venture by Interflora, aimed at the UK market with a great URL and a cool and funky approach to sending flowers. The idea was to grow the occasions that people could send flowers, so any occasion was one that people could celebrate. Boxes and brand reflected this with a simple yet striking approach.


  • Sandwich Collateral_1
  • NONO fashion Brandbook
    NONO Brandbook
  • NONO Brandbook4
  • NONO fashion Brandbook Inside
    Inside NONO fashion Brandbook
  • Stills Luxury Mailout_1
  • Stills Store Projection_1
  • Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 12.47.21
  • Stills parallax website project 2
  • Stills parallax website project
  • Stills Store Projection
  • DSCF0408_2
  • Stills Email
  • Sandwich Window
  • Sandwich Magazine
  • Loyalty Campaign2
  • Loyalty Campaign
  • 524.01.018_essential_designs_v3_landing_pages3
  • 524.01.018_essential_designs_v3_landing_pages
  • This is girl

All my fashion work

I worked for a year and a half with The Veldhovengroup on three of their fashion brands: Sandwich, Stills and NONO. During this time I helped reposition their brands  to give them a stronger edge in the market. I wrote their collateral, including brandbooks, and was brand guardian for the tone-of-voice across their social media. I ran a loyalty campaign,  redesigned and rewrote their emails to make them ‘best practise’, and concepted shoot-strategies to go with their seasonal themes.

I have also done some work with Tommy Hilfiger on internal campaigns, and digital marketing projects. I’ve previously worked with Marks and Spencers UK and Lacoste.



  • Writing2
  • Writing3
  • Writing
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Writing samples

I am a creative writer who loves writing as much as coming up with the concept. I believe that for every communication challenge there’s an answer, and well-written copy should be a big part of it. I try to work on a few different types of writing every year, and have recently worked for the magazine Hoop Doop, interviewing and writing about musicians and artists, been published in a short story book on tattoos, and have written and helped produce a short film (coming soon).

NONO film project

Nono stop motion films that showcased our different girl characters – this one is Voyager girl, a girl who always dreams of bigger and better things. See all the videos using the Vimeo link.

See videos on vimeo

Samsung Showcase Fridge Film

Worked with Samsung Home Appliances and the food artist Carl Warner to showcase their new fridge, launched in spring 2014. The idea was this fridge can showcase your imagination: with all its compartments and organisational skills, your imagination is free to run riot!

View film on vimeo

Stolen Words Film Project

This was a short film project I worked on with Matteo Graziano, choreographer and film director. I wrote, helped produce, and am in the process of editing the film.

Watch video on vimeo